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January 05, 2009


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I'm having difficulty with the iphone app, or maybe I just don't know what I'm doing. I have reported two birds from my home location, and the birds went to my web page bird list, but when I search for bird sightings on the i phone, they don't appear. Also, when I search for sightings on the i phone, it locks me on the google earth satellite image, and I have to exit and re-enter the bird post app. I like the idea behind the app, but has some kinks.


Regarding the ratings, as a fellow app developer I've seen similar things. I think this is the explanation: a) Only a tiny fraction of reviews actually write a review...most just set a star rating and leave it at that; b) given a rating is prompted for on *delete*, the non-written ratings I think tend to be skewed to the lower end.

Anyway, that's the main reason I'm guessing your ratings for your fine app are lower than the ones that add up from the written reviews.


can I not view my existing bird list after logging in with my iPhone?

Riley P. Richardson

I'd like to use BirdPost on my 2nd Gen. iPod touch, but when I try to install I get the message that it cannot run on my iPod. I'm running OS 2.2.1 and have no intention of returning to 2.2. You folks have a fix for this app yet?


I am a frequent user of the iphone app. I've logged 37 species so far using it and I love it. There are a few little suggestions I'd like to make however.
First it would be nice if I could view my list of reported species so that I don't add ones in an area that I've already reported.
Second it would be nice if you could have a choice of viewing locations instead of just by GPS. It often takes awhile to connect to the satellites to set your position. Everytime I go to browse or report it defaults to a location approx. 25+ miles away so I have to wait awhile for it to find me. If I know where I am I could use a zipcode or city/state entry to get me close enough to drag the map by hand.
Third it would be nice to have the option to choose map/satellite/hybrid views when on the map screen. The slower cellphone/iphone connections take much longer to load a higher detail map, making the basic drawn google map the best. However if you are in an area that has a 3G or WiFi connection it would be just as easy to use a satellite or hybrid map.
As I said the 1.0 app is great and I use it on a regular basis, I just want to help in improving a program that people love.


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