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December 02, 2008


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the direct iTunes link to the app is:


if i had an iPhone i'd get it for sure! and its free!


Wow - I'm off to check this out now. I love my iphone but this sounds like a great app.


Very nice application - I had a go with it today and enjoyed using it.

Some observations:
- the application says that the siting is reported successfully - this siting shows up on the website but not the location or the time/date. The location only appears when I click on the "map" button on the website. The date needs to be input. This is a slow process (and both should be automatic without any need to return to the website)

- it would be useful if the search list had various selection levels that could be preset for the whole time or on occasion (eg the United Kingdom set, bird families etc)

- there is obviously lots of potential for the search list (eg with small photos / with scientific names / as an identifier / etc)

A great start with lots of further potential. Thanks for the application.


I love the birdpost app! It's great to find out what other birders have spotted in the area, and perfect for keeping track of your own sightings.


I just got the app and already I like it. But for those of us that don't know the names of birds without carrying a book, it would be great to be able to see images to confirm that what we're reporting is tagged as the right bird. That would be a great enhancement for a future upgrade.

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