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September 16, 2008


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Let nothing discourage you from doing this, especially the bird brains on the TC panel.

If I had the cash right now, I'd invest in this thing.

BTW, I am not a birder, never have been, but that is irrelevant. I think this thing WILL "fly".


This is great! I am a bird lover and happen to live on the boondocks.So I get to see a lot of birds.Even ducks,& geese during the migrating seasons.Now I know there are others of you out there.Not so lonely anymore.

Mary Dodge

Just want to say I hope you keep this a free service, at least for the Web. Not sure about the finances of making it available through cell phones, iPhones, etc., but frankly, don't need any more subscriptions to anything.

Wouldn't mind an occasional ad, personally.

RM Lyons

I, too, would like to say I hope you keep this a free service for the web. Occasional ads, esp. those that have to do with birding would be OK, just don't care for the "in you face" ones that jump all over the place.

This is an amazing site and even tho' I'm still trying to figure out a few things, I am enjoying it!


Hi Jason, great post and a great site. Just watched the TechCrunch presentation with you and Ben and was very impressed. I help run a very similar site called I don't think we're quite as far along in our development as you are, but we've certainly thought about a lot of the topics in this post. It's great to hear that you guys are both passionate birders, and that you seem to value the birding over the business. We'd definitely appreciate a link on your links page, and we're looking forward to seeing where BirdPost goes!


I also suspect that this will work best as a free service. There are some pretty pricey birding-related products, and carrying ads for them might do well for you, in addition to the products being relevant to your community. I'm thinking of things like binoculars, vacations,...

If you haven't already done so, I'd become an Amazon affiliate. Affiliate links to birding books and other products could bring in some $.

All the best! Andrew, not a birder, but son of (British) birders.

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